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How should people resolve property matters in and out of court?

When people separate, the law should help them work out how to divide their property. The process should be as inexpensive, simple and speedy as possible, but still be fair.

Many people who separate will divide their property without going to court. Some people will not even get legal advice.

Because no one collects information about how people divide their property, there is a lot we do not know. We want to hear from you so we can learn more.

If possible, people should work out their property matters out of court. But the resolution should be fair and efficient. We want to know whether people have all the support they need to resolve their disputes without going to court – such as access to information and help from a lawyer.

We also want to know more about out of court dispute resolution services. Do they work well, or is there a better way?

We also want to know how disputes can be resolved in accordance with tikanga Māori.

Sometimes, the partners cannot resolve their disputes. In those cases, they need to go to court. We want to know if the court process works well?

We also want to know if more cases should go to the High Court.

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